Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fruits of Passion

188 Bellair Street

9376 8588

Our local and favourite brunch spot, located right opposite Kensington Station, Fruits of Passion offers day long breakfast on weekends and a great coffee before the journey into work during the week. There are other breakfast cafes on Bellair Street but sadly we are very loyal and have stuck with Fruits of Passion when we feel like a great brunch. To begin they know how to make a good coffee, unlike some places they know the difference between a long mac and a long black.

The must have dish (when hungry) is eggs benedict, instead of a muffins they use hash browns, so bad that it is good. The ham and eggs are cooked perfectly every time, it's topped up with spinach leaves which gives it a balance and at least you feel like you have eaten something healthy. Their special 'yummy dressing' is a great touch, we have never fully worked out what goes into it. Extra mushrooms were juicy and well flavored.

Another favourite dish is their vegetarian deluxe consisting of sun dried tomatoes, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and eggs your way on sourdough toast. Once again the poached eggs are runny yet firm. A side dish of sausage is another must have extra.

Fruits of Passion have been around for years, a place that we walked in for a quick coffee has turned into our favorite brunch cafe, we always know that we will get great food, great service and of course great coffee.

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